And the Winner Is…

Much has happened in the five months since component leaders met together at the AIA Grassroots meeting in New Orleans and were encouraged to submit grant proposals for the 2020 AIA Trust-Victor & CNA Component Grants Program which offers financial support for component programs.

At 2020 AIA Grassroots, few of us could have predicted that in a matter of weeks, face-to-face meetings would be cancelled and most would find themselves practicing self-isolation while connecting remotely, adapting to new ways of communicating and interacting. Some of this year’s excellent submissions shared pre-pandemic plans no longer possible in the current environment which has created seismic shifts in everyone’s behavior. The five winning applications displayed both foresight and flexibility in adapting and transforming their program ideas to this ever-changing world. This year’s AIA component grant winners are:

AIA Atlanta designed a web-based portal back-to-work initiative to match non-traditional architects with employers willing to accommodate their non-traditional schedules.

AIA Boston Society of Architects plans to hold a practice-based research virtual conference of firms and individuals to share successful business models, discuss barriers to adoption, and help define real value for research within the profession.

AIA Central New York will host a series of six virtual presentations for architects and allied professions to educate them on the environmental, social, and economic reasons for pursuing sustainability how to be leaders within the community on this critical matter.

AIA Illinois plans to conduct a safety assessment program preparing architects and other licensed professionals to assist their communities in the case of a disaster, with a goal of adding at least 100 volunteers to the database of disaster relief experts.

AIA Cleveland is developing a lecture series entitled Post-Covid Practice: A Virtual Discourse in Three Parts focusing on how architects and designers can create spaces for clients that promote safety and well-being post-pandemic, intended to reach 400-600 members of AIA Ohio.

There were numerous excellent submissions this year and all components are encouraged to design component program grant submissions in the future. This year’s grant winners are to be congratulated and we look forward to hearing of their successful program implementation.

The annual AIA Trust-Victor & CNA Component Grants Program offers financial support for component programs. Grant guidelines are posted each year in the component resources section of the AIA Trust website for the program kick-off on January 1st.



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