Designing Hedonism

The AIA Trust just published two guides that address some of the unique design issues associated with each of these growing areas of design and construction: marijuana facilities and craft breweries.

The AIA Trust Guide to Marijuana Facilities Design examines some of the necessary considerations for the safe and efficient delivery of product to the consumer while reviewing some of the current and potential legal risks that a design professional may face in light of conflicting and uncertain state and federal legal requirements. It also highlights some code provisions commonly adopted by municipalities where such activities take place.

In addition, The AIA Trust Guide to Brewery Design addresses some of the regulations and requirements for a craft brewery that are often different than those of a larger commercial brewery. Small craft breweries have become centers of innovation, driving explosive growth that has changed how Americans drink beer and resulting in commercial space being utilized for brewing, tasting, pubs, and restaurants. Design professionals need to understand the specialized design requirements for the smaller craft brewery such as efficient space utilization, public safety, and the risks of potential contamination and product liability.

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