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Navigators Management Company, Inc.

Company Info
Name Navigators Management Company, Inc.
City Ellicott City
State MD
Website Visit Website
How to Access
Direct Y
Broker Y
Company Agent Y
Internal Employed Underwriters Y
A.M. Best Rating A
Insurer Financial Size Category X
Continuous Years Providing Coverage in A/E Marketplace 46
Where Licensed to Write/Carrier Admitted
50 States/DC Y
U.S. Territories N
Worldwide N

All except VT, LA & HI

Benefits Offered
Risk Management Education Program Credits Y
First Dollar Defense Y
Loss Control Services N
Contract Review Services Y
Multi-Year Policies Y
Pre-Claims Assistance Y
Premium Credits with Experience Y
Premium Credits with AIA Membership N
Premium Credits with LEED Certification Y
Premium Credits (other)

Predecessor Firm Coverage, 90 day automatic subsidiary coverage, mediation deductible credit, no ‘hammer clause’ in the policy form, premium credits for use of contracts, BIM and good project/client types

Special Coverage
Project Policies N
Prior Acts Y
Tail Insurance N
Cyber Liability N
Other Special Coverage

Project/client specific additional limit endorsments for insureds

Specialty Markets
Multifamily or Condo Housing N
Residential N
Geothermal N
Landscape N
Firm Size N
Other Specialty Markets
Underwriting Restrictions
Firm Size Y
Firm Location N
Type of Practice N
Type of Projects N
Location of Projects N
Non-U.S. Projects N
Restrictions on Percentage of Residential N
Restrictions on percentage of multifamily and/or condominiums N
Specific Job Excess N
Other Underwriting Restrictions
Special Exclusions / Conditions
Asbestos Claims N
Mold Claims N
Silica Claims N
Hazardous Waste Claims N
Full Prior Acts Coverage N
Coverage for Acts in a Predecessor Firm N
Restricted Coverage for Prior Acts N
Other Special Exclusions


Deductibles and Limits
Minimum Deductible $0
Maximum Deductible $100,000
Coverage Limits $0
Other Notes