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Practice Coach for AIA components


Practice Coach gives you access to legal professionals who can help you manage risks and minimize claims, whether you’re dealing with clients, contractors, employees, or others. 

Architecture firms—especially small firms—turn to Practice Coach for practical, up-to-date information about risky practice scenarios, including negotiating and interpreting contracts, resolving or mitigating disputes, determining when to hire a lawyer, and more. 

Your subscription comes with unlimited, prompt access to professionals who can help you foresee and possibly prevent costly and destructive legal problems, allowing you to stay focused on design and running your business. 

Practice Coach is available only to AIA members and geared especially to smaller firms who have questions or concerns about their business but may not be ready to engage legal counsel. Practice Coach does not provide legal advice but does offer practical suggestions and insight pertinent to your architectural practice. First-time subscribers are eligible for introductory rates, and brand-new AIA members receive a free six-month subscription. See plan rates below. 

If you’re an AIA component, your subscription also benefits your chapter’s members.
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Your Practice Coach subscription gives you access to practice-related information for little more than a dollar a day—and the annual subscription cost is less than one hour of attorney time in most jurisdictions.

AIA member firm annual rate:
Firm size < 26: $550
Firm size 26–50: $750
Firm size > 51: $850

First-time subscriber introductory rates:
3-month subscription: $175
6-month subscription: $300
1-year subscription: $500

New AIA architect members
Receive a free 6-month subscription. Check off “new member” on the subscriber agreement.

Take the next step
Complete the firm profile and subscriber agreement forms, then submit with payment to:  

Practice Coach, LLC
5 Corporate Park, Suite 280
Irvine CA  92606

(800) 688 9780

Important:  Please note that Practice Coach Services are offered as an informational resource on practice-related topics and are not offered as legal, architectural, accounting, or other professional services. Neither your subscription nor any telephone conversation will establish an attorney-client relationship.