Finding a Broker

Selecting Professional Liability Insurance and a Broker

The last thing you need to worry about is whether your professional liability insurance is adequate. Read important tips for finding the appropriate broker and insurer for your practice, by clicking here for the report.

Broker Networks

To find a broker in your area, click on any of these nationwide networks:

Choosing a broker.

How To Select a Professional Liability Insurance Broker

A professional liability insurance broker should deliver services of great value since you are paying for them. Your broker should be carefully selected and advantageously used and can be as important to the management of your practice as your accountant or your attorney. Read tips from A/E ProNet about selecting the right broker for you.

How To Maximize Your Insurance Broker Relationship

This article from A/E ProNet discusses ways to maximize your professional liability broker relationship to protect your firm from disruptions, including unexpected premium spikes, unexpected carrier switching, and disappointments with claim handling or payments. Find out ways to maximize what your broker can do for you and your firm.

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