Consider a Practice Coach

Would you like to minimize costly and destructive problems for little more than a dollar a day? When you’re a subscriber to the AIA Trust LegaLine service, their experts can provide you with information to help negotiate and interpret contracts, manage risks and prevent lawsuits, improve client communication, resolve or mitigate disputes with clients, employees, and contractors—even help you determine whether you need to hire a lawyer in a specific situation.

Consider a practice coach

06-legal-network-1LegaLine is the AIA Trust’s unique legal information service available only to AIA Members and their firms to help you navigate tricky practice-related legal questions — and find the answers just a phone call away.

The LegaLine introductory offer for AIA Member first-time subscribers provides a member with the opportunity to “try out” the service.  A member may try, on a first-time basis, either a three-month subscription for $175 or a six-month subscription for $300; the regular annual subscription fee is $500. LegaLine continues to offer brand new AIA Members a free, six-month subscription to LegaLine. Details about subscriptions may be found here.

A long-time AIA member subscriber from Boston described how LegaLine helped him to create his own terms & conditions, review owner-proposed contracts, and negotiate effective employment terms with staff. A Wisconsin AIA member has used the service to review an owner’s attorney’s changes to an AIA Owner-Architect Agreement in order to discuss them intelligently with the owner.

For a sampling of various questions that give you an idea of what LegaLine can field for you, click here: Did You Know?

A LegaLine subscription gives an AIA member unlimited access to answers to practice-related legal questions for relatively little cost to help prevent costly problems and let you focus on what you do best: architecture. Charles R. Heuer, FAIA, Esq. an architect, attorney, professional liability consultant and mediator, runs LegaLine with his staff and may be reached at 800-688-9780.

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