AIA Trust Component Grant Awards

In 2021, 17 highly competitive component program funding requests were submitted for the AIA Trust Component Grant Program. The grants program is made possible by Victor and CNA, the providers of the AIA Trust Professional Liability Insurance, Business Owners, and Cyber Liability Insurance programs. Victor and CNA work with the AIA Trust to offer AIA members quality risk management coverage to address the challenges that architects face today and in the future.

The AIA Trust Component Grant Program has awarded more than $344,000 directly to components for their innovative programs. It is always a very difficult decision to select only five grants each year given the excellent component programs designed.

This year’s grant award winners are:

AIA Austin for the AIA Austin Leader Lab providing ongoing training to the AIA Austin chapter and local design industry leaders designed to educate and empower them in the areas of justice, equity, diversity & inclusion, and to implement as future leadership program.

AIA Connecticut for a professional practice virtual full-day forum for an estimated 225 architects, educators, and business leaders to address those with careers in AEC industry about re-evaluating business operations from all angles while working in the new virtual environment to respond to Covid-19.

AIA Detroit for their project: Trauma-Informed Design to Promote Health & Well-being Collaborative, to be held among design professional groups volunteering services to finish 14 apartments for homeless veterans – and to host a virtual presentation and tour of the completed project, plus develop and submit a documentary about it for the 2021 AIA Film challenge.

AIA Orlando for an EDI Task Force formed in 2020 focusing on creating a more equitable organizational culture that will now bring EDI programs to member firms who seek to transition toward a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive business model.

AIA Triangle in North Carolina for their Comprehensive Leadership and Professional Development Series of 8 workshops open to all AIA Triangle members plus other local design professionals, reaching a potential audience of 400, with sessions focusing on business skills development and networking.

The AIA Trust Component Grant Program supports new initiatives for projects, conferences, and publications that assist the components in fostering leadership, aiding management education, and increasing the effectiveness of professional practice. Fostering interaction among design professionals or within the construction industry through joint programs is encouraged! Projects should foster the practice management and leadership abilities of architects in private practice or promote meaningful, long-term benefits to the profession or local architecture community.

AIA Trust Component Grant Program is launched each January 1st with submissions due in the spring. Grant guidelines for next year’s program may be found by year-end on the AIA Trust website in the component guide.


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