AIA Trust Week 2024:
September 23-27

Back by popular demand, AIA Trust is preparing to host AIA Trust Week : A FREE full week of daily webinars 1-2pm EDT.  Even better we’ll have even more sessions in 2024!

Join us for a week where we kick off exploring what you need in order to Start your firm, Run your firm, and also – when the time comes – transition your firm to new ownership.   This informative week will not only follow information we provide to you for every stage of your career in our guides, but also will feature informative sessions on all of the amazing benefits that are such a great member value you have as an AIA member.   Learn from former Trustees, plan providers from Victor/CNA, Equitable, Hagan Insurance and even some guest sessions by our friends at the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) – 10 learning sessions, one great week.  We can’t wait to see you there!

2024 sessions titles are being finalized and will be posted along with links to register before the end of July.  Until then, take a look back at our 2023 Trust Week and earn even more credits before our 2024 week arrives: 


2023 Trust Week:

Watch Day 1:

AIA Trust: Overview & Wayfinding to AIA Member Benefits!

The AIA Trust has a lot to offer you as an AIA Member.  In this webinar, AIA Trust Executive Director Elizabeth Wolverton will review the many different options you have and take you on a tour around the website so you know where to find them when you need to take advantage of them!  

Watch Day 2: 

LegaLine: The Legal Information Hotline to Manage Risk and Build a Stronger Practice (1 LU)
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Small firms and sole proprietors with many questions but limited resources often wish for a convenient and cost-effective way to get the risk management assistance that they need to make important decisions. LegaLine is an AIA Trust member benefit service, formerly known as Practice Coach, that offers members access to qualified professionals who can help identify and manage risks while minimizing claims–whether dealing with clients, contractors, employees, or others.  Learn more about this fantastic service and ask questions in real time with Peter Stacy, Esq. and Jacqueline Pons-Bunney, Esq., both of whom have extensive experience in a wide range of issues involving complex A/E and construction matters.

Watch Day 3: 

Victor: Protecting Your Firm from a Major Claim: The Importance of Contract Language (1 LU)
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In this webinar, Frank Musica, Risk Management Consultant for Victor Insurance Managers LLC, will discuss specific case studies that result in payments by insured firms and their insurer and suggest alternative contract language and actions that each firm might have taken to mitigate its risks.

Most professional liability claims are brought by clients of architects or by construction contractors directly or through claims that are first brought against the project client. While all claims disrupt practice, consume otherwise productive time, and result in defense costs paid by the policyholder or the insurance company, claims from parties involved in the project can be managed through contract language and prudent practice. Claims from third-parties – often those injured during construction or when using the designed facility – are more difficult to avoid through contract language and are becoming an increased factor in the risk of architects. The webinar will also suggest methods to make injury claims more defensible.

Watch Day 4:

Hagan Insurance Group: Employee Benefits Help Maintain Firm Success (1 LU)
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Your firm’s success relies on the talent, experience, and dedication of your employees. Without them, your firm may not succeed—which is why most consider their employees to be their most valuable asset. Offering your employees good benefits, including salary, health care coverage, and retirement incentives is key to retaining your top employees and in return, contributes to your firm’s success.  Hagan Insurance Group along with Farmers Insurance Choice will go into detail on insurance options to help you, help your firm continue to thrive.

Watch Day 5: 

Equitable: Make your Financial Future Take Flight (1 LU)
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Many architects don’t know where to begin their retirement planning. This Webinar, Make Your Financial Future Take Flight, is designed to give AIA members, components, and staff an understanding of the key considerations for effective retirement planning and savings.