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Morrison Mahoney LLP

PHONE: (617) 737-8878
FAX: (617) 342-4943

Head of department/lead counsel for A/E Law: Steven J. Bolotin, Senior Partner
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Practicing A/E Law Since


Caseload Dedicated to A/E Construction Law


Caseload Dedicated to E/O Defense Work



Number of attorneys on staff: 165.
Number of attorneys dedicated to A/E Work: 5.

Steven J. Bolotin—Steven has over 20 years experience successfully representing clients in professional liability matters. He serves as counsel for design professionals in litigation and administrative proceedings at all state and federal levels. He also provides contract negotiation, risk management and alternative dispute resolution services. Steven is the former general counsel of the Association of Geoscience Engineers, an international trade association of structural and environmental engineering firms.

Firm Information

Morrison Mahoney LLP’s Professional Practices Group is comprised of attorneys who specialize in the counseling and representation of professionals. Our representation of professionals in a wide variety of disciplines has given us the advantage of having seen the circumstances and issues which give rise to disputes, and thus allows us to assist clients in avoiding or defending against those same types of claims. As attorneys involved in the litigation of all facets of commercial disputes, we are also uniquely qualified to provide guidance to professionals and their businesses. By imparting our experience with the spectrum of potential problems stemming from professional and commercial relationships, we enable our clients to learn from others’ situations.

Morrison Mahoney LLP has dedicated over a half-century to the defense of all design professionals. We have represented these individuals and firms throughout the Northeast in a wide variety of cases with an extremely high degree of success. From our years of experience, we understand the needs of professionals, and are able to offer them experienced, knowledgeable, and cost-effective legal services.

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