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The Coleman Law Firm

PHONE: (612) 877-8200
FAX: (612) 877-8201

Head of department/lead counsel for A/E Law: Jeffrey W. Coleman, PE, FACI.
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Number of attorneys on staff: 8.
Number of attorneys dedicated to A/E Work: 8.

Jeffrey W. Coleman, PE, FACI. Trial attorney, licensed engineer, Fellow in the American Concrete Institute. 39 years’ experience—as an attorney and structural engineer—with large complex construction cases. Advice and counsel in all phases of design and construction from contracts and contract negotiations to claims avoidance, early resolution of potential claims, and litigation or arbitration. Licensed attorney in MN, WI, and ND; licensed structural engineer in IA, MN, and WI.

Michael P. Katz. More than 20 years’ experience as in-house counsel with major design and construction firms, most recently as General Counsel of Ellerbe Becket.

Lars C. Erickson. Over 15 years of experience in construction litigation representing architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, developers.

William D. Hull
Best known currently for mediation and arbitration of construction disputes. Over 33 years’ experience advising on contracts and risk management.

Firm Information

The attorneys of The Coleman Law Firm have more than 150 years of combined experience working in—and serving businesses in—the architectural, construction, engineering, and concrete industries. We have specific, practical knowledge of how our clients conduct business day-to-day, as well as specialized knowledge and experience in the legal issues of clients’ industries. E.g. (1) Mr. Coleman’s experience as a structural engineer and general counsel to an architectural, engineering, interior design, and construction firm. His national reputation as an authority on legal issues in concrete construction. His book, LEGAL ISSUES IN CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION, (pub., the American Concrete Institute/CAM). (2) Mr. Erickson’s more than 15 years in construction litigation. (3) Mr. Katz’s experience as general counsel for an architectural, engineering, interior design, and construction firm, as well as deputy general counsel to a division of the nation’s largest heavy/highway contractor.


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