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The Heuer Law Group—Virginia

PHONE: (434) 973-8883
FAX: (434) 073-8883

Head of department/lead counsel for A/E Law: Charles R. Heuer, FAIA, Esq., Principal.

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Number of attorneys on staff: 1.

Number of attorneys dedicated to A/E Work: 1.

Mr. Heuer is a registered architect and a licensed attorney. He is a Fellow in the AIA.

He holds a B.Arch. (Carnegie-Mellon University), an M. Arch (The Ohio State University), and a J.D. (The American University).

He ran his own architectural practice, was the Staff Director of the AIA Documents Program at AIA Headquarters and was an in-house counsel at The Architects Collaborative, Inc. (TAC).

He served on the AIA Documents Committee and for 9 years was part of NCARB’s ARE Construction Documents and Services Subcommittee.

He wrote Means Legal Reference for Design and Construction; the A201 and B141 Commentaries for the AIA and contributed to the 11th, 12th and 13th Editions of the AIA’s The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice.

He has presented continuing education seminars on legal, risk/practice management topics, as follows:

  • 22 AIA National Conventions,
  • 62 AIA sponsored programs,
  • 22 years of Build Boston programs, and
  • 93 other AIA Component programs.

Firm Information

The Heuer Law Group was founded in 1986 specifically to provide legal services to the building design and construction industry. Practical experience with design practices and construction business operations gives us critical insight and facilitates a proactive approach to clients’ legal needs. In that sense, we often function much like in-house counsel. Our understanding of the industry frequently enables us to foresee legal and practical difficulties that clients might face in their businesses. By working with them on a regular basis, we often can efficiently and inexpensively prevent or minimize the effects of such circumstances. We represent more than 250 firms on an on-going basis.

The Heuer Law Group provides original thinking and specialized advice to clients who own, develop, design or construct improvements to real estate. Our clients generally appreciate:

  • Our preventive approach. We concentrate on preparing proper contracts and performing wise front-end planning.
  • Our knowledge of the design and construction industry – minimizing the need to educate us about their problems.
  • Our creative, constructive approach to solving unavoidable problems.

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