Free Webinars for Navigating Your Risks

What comes to mind when you think of the AIA Trust? While many of you may view it as simply a source of insurance and retirement member benefit programs, this only represents a portion of what the AIA Trust actually offers AIA members to help them practice strategically. In fact, the AIA Trust has developed a wide variety of risk management and practice resources, including webinars, free to AIA members.

The AIA members who govern the AIA Trust understand that architects are constantly challenged by complex risks on many levels — hence, the AIA Trust develops articles and risk reports on new and evolving risks, guides for starting a firm, and webinars about how to practice successfully — all free to AIA members. Webinars are held live and recorded so you may access them on demand. Many resources, both webinars and risk reports, have corresponding self-assessment tests to take for continuing education credit. All programs and resources can be easily accessed on the AIA Trust Website.

AIA Trust webinars offer clear and concise explanations and how-to’s on topics such as:

  • Starting a firm
  • Copyright law
  • Cyber risks
  • Contracting
  • Virtual practice
  • And many more.

For a complete listing of current webinars, visit our resources page.

Risk management webinars from the AIA Trust.

The AIA Trust also regularly invites experts to author articles and risk reports on cutting edge topics important to architects—such as the risks of digital practice and BIM, managing the risks & rewards of IPD, dealing successfully with contractor terminations, ensuring effective documentation—and much more. New resources are added monthly and highlighted in the quarterly newsletter — check back often!



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