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Company Info
Name Hiscox
City New York
State NY
Website Visit Website
How to Access
Direct Y
Broker Y
Company Agent N
Internal Employed Underwriters Y
A.M. Best Rating A
Insurer Financial Size Category XI
Continuous Years Providing Coverage in A/E Marketplace 19
Where Licensed to Write/Carrier Admitted
50 States/DC Y
U.S. Territories Y
Worldwide N
Benefits Offered
Risk Management Education Program Credits N
First Dollar Defense Y
Loss Control Services Y
Contract Review Services Y
Multi-Year Policies N
Pre-Claims Assistance Y
Premium Credits with Experience Y
Premium Credits with AIA Membership Y
Premium Credits with LEED Certification Y
Premium Credits (other)
Special Coverage
Project Policies Y
Prior Acts Y
Tail Insurance Y
Cyber Liability Y
Other Special Coverage

Mold coverage
Defense of licensing proceedings coverage
Subpoena assistance
Contractors pollution coverage
Crisis management coverage

Specialty Markets
Multifamily or Condo Housing Y
Residential Y
Geothermal Y
Landscape Y
Firm Size Y
Other Specialty Markets

Real estate developers

Energy (oil/gas/solar/wind)

Underwriting Restrictions
Firm Size N
Firm Location N
Type of Practice N
Type of Projects N
Location of Projects N
Non-U.S. Projects N
Restrictions on Percentage of Residential N
Restrictions on percentage of multifamily and/or condominiums N
Specific Job Excess N
Other Underwriting Restrictions
Special Exclusions / Conditions
Asbestos Claims N
Mold Claims N
Silica Claims N
Hazardous Waste Claims N
Full Prior Acts Coverage Y
Coverage for Acts in a Predecessor Firm N
Restricted Coverage for Prior Acts Y
Other Special Exclusions
Deductibles and Limits
Minimum Deductible $1,000
Maximum Deductible $0
Coverage Limits $0
Other Notes
Coverage limits range from $1M–$5M