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The AIA Trust legal network

Add your A/E law firm to the AIA Trust legal network to be viewed by the tens of thousands of registered architect members of The American Institute of Architects (AIA)—at no cost to you.  This referral network is intended strictly as a member service for AIA members and not as firm advertising. The AIA Trust does not endorse any firms listed.

When you enroll, your firm becomes part of this new member benefit that offers AIA members a means to find qualified A/E counsel in their city and state—by offering members a searchable database of experienced A/E Construction law firms.

There are two easy steps to enroll:

  1. Identify a contact person: Determine who will serve as your firm contact. He or she will use their email address as the username and choose a password for your firm account. This information will not be published.
  2. Complete your firm profile submission: Please gather the information needed for the profile as listed here beforehand, so it’s ready for you to complete your firm listing.

Please allow 3-5 days for your profile to be reviewed and published. Once published, your primary contact person will receive a confirmation that it now appears among A/E Law Firm listings in your state.

(202) 626 7376

  • 1) Firm has spent a minimum of FIVE years working in A/E Construction Law with the A/E profession.
    2) Continuation of the current relationship your firm has with the AIA local and state components in your region. This means continuing support in the form of allied or similar membership, sponsorships, or other activities currently supporting your local components. If your firm does not currently have a relationship with local or state AIA components, it agrees to consider such a relationship and contact the local and state components in your region. We would be pleased to furnish the appropriate contact information to you.
    3) Willingness of your attorneys in the A/E Construction law field to introduce your firm to individual AIA members by discussing a prospective A/E Construction matter at no charge for up to 30-minutes duration.
    4) Accurate completion of the online profile form.
    5) AIA Trust staff must review the profile before it will be posted online.
  • This information will not be published; upon registration, the username and password will be emailed to this individual for your records. Please note, all fields are required.
  • Your email address is unique which is why we use it as your username.
  • Keep this password somewhere safe. You will use it, along with your email address to log in). You will receive a copy by email for your records.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.