Quick Risk Review

As a risk management resource for AIA Members, the AIA Trust develops risk reports on topics of critical and evolving risks for architects. If you don’t have time to read the risk reports, new synopses give you the important facts. Check them out now—so you stay out in front of critical risks.

Some of these risks you may be aware of—and some may never have crossed your mind. Some of these risks you may be aware of—and some may never have crossed your mind—like the risks inherent in dealing with the ADA, BIM, contractor terminations, design/build teams, electronic data, ownership transition, and payment issues—to name only some of them. Either way, it’s important to recognize them so you can at best avoid them and at the least, manage them effectively.

Read the synopses—and consult the risk reports for more details as needed.

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Upcoming Webinars

Be sure to register for these invaluable upcoming AIA Trust webinars on critical risk topics—such as climate change, IPD, Mediation, and health insurance — free to AIA members and most offering continuing education credits (including one HSW).