An Accident-Free Workplace

National Safety Month focuses on preventative measures that employees can take to maintain an accident-free workplace. In keeping with that mission, here are some best practices that you can incorporate into your daily routine to ensure the safety of you and your colleagues.

Heavy Lifting

  • Never lift beyond your strength – get help instead.
  • Remove all obstacles in your way before lifting.
  • Use handholds or place your fingers under the load.
  • Breathe in and then lift slowly as you breathe out. Keep the object close to your body, and avoid jerking and twisting motions.

Don’t carry items that you can’t see over or around.

Preventing Slips and Falls

  • Clean up spills promptly.
  • Keep equipment, cables, boxes, and trash out of hallways and stairways.
  • Notify maintenance about torn carpets and cracked or missing tiles.
  • Ask maintenance to keep outdoor walkways and lobby entrances free of water, ice, snow, mud, and wet leaves.
  • Wear footwear with low heels and non-slip soles. Keep shoelaces tied.
  • Don’t carry items that you can’t see over or around, especially on stairs.


  • Adjust your chair’s height so that your wrists and arms are in a straight line and relaxed when you use your keyboard or mouse.
  • Take 30-second breaks regularly to readjust your sitting position or stretch your back and limbs.
  • Position your computer monitor at or below eye level and at arm’s length. Adjust natural and artificial lighting to minimize glare and reduce eye strain.

Think before you lift anything and look carefully where you’re headed, and you may just avoid a world of trouble.

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