Firm Management Strategies

The AIA Trust recently published a paper titled “Firm Management Strategies” based on interviews with various sized firms from around the country about how they have managed through various catastrophes and endured—often emerging stronger than before.

The paper examines some of the similarities and differences between managing a firm during the Great Recession that began in 2008 and during the current pandemic brought on by the Covid-19 virus. How differently sized firms have managed during each downturn, the project types that best endure the financial storms, and new approaches that firms have taken to diversify their professional services and expand their offerings and client base are also shared. A segment of the paper explores the possible return to offices, how various firms are coping with regulations and safety concerns, and expert advice on managing a safe return to office space.

In addition, there is a section about managing cyber threats effectively as well as addressing how best to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

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