Retirement & Financial Planning Tools

The AIA Trust offers resources to assist AIA Members with challenging financial and retirement decisions.

Financial planning online tool
Developed by the AICPA, this tool provides personalized information to better manage your finances and make intelligent financial decisions. Content on the site is organized by 10 life stages, from Teens to Retirees, with 13 key topics, including Credit & Debit and Home Ownership, to identify easily the resources most useful for your financial situation. View >

Find a financial planner
These two articles may help when you need a financial planner:

10 Steps to Start Your Business
This article includes how to decide on a structure, write your business plan, and analyze your financial needs–available free of charge from the US Small Business Administration. View >

Retirement Planning Calculator
This calculator from Equitable can help you make meaningful progress toward a more confident future in minutes. View >

Retirement Reality Webinar
Coming soon! A webinar that will address your retirement planning concerns, helping you assess expectations, determine retirement savings needs, and learn how to achieve savings goals.

Be sure to check out the AIA Members Retirement Program and find the right retirement plan for you and your firm.

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