Traveling with Your Pets

Summer is here and nothing helps to shake off winter’s icy chill like a relaxing weekend away with your favorite furry friend! Taking your pet on a trip can be an unforgettable experience.

Road Travel

Before hitting the road, have your dog burn off some energy with a brisk walk around the block or a rousing game of fetch. In addition to making for a much calmer ride, this will give your dog a chance to relieve himself one last time too.

Once you’re packed up, use a crate or a harness to keep your dog safe in the car. If your dog is the excitable type, a treat-filled puzzle toy can help provide a distraction.

Don’t leave your pet in a parked car in warm weather – even if you crack the windows and are gone for just a few minutes. When the outside temperature is 70 degrees, it becomes 90 degrees in minutes.

Air Travel

Our friends at the ASPCA® urges pet parents to think twice about flying their pets on commercial airlines, especially if they plan on checking them in as cargo. But, if you have already committed to air travel, these top air travel tips can help make the journey safer.

However or wherever you travel, be sensitive to heat for your pets since they can’t sweat like people do and are more susceptible to heat-related issues.


Thousands of motels, hotels and campsites across the country accept guests with pets.

Hotel – Look into the hotel’s policy before you book. Some require a deposit or non-refundable fee. Others won’t allow pets to be left alone in the room, even when crated. Bring along a favorite blankie or toy to help your pet feel at home.

Campsite- Be sure to check the campsite’s pet policy as most require your dog to be leashed and supervised at all times for safety. Additionally, food should not be left out in the bowl because it can attract wild animals. Collars with tags, flea/tick protection, a first-aid kit and plenty of water are must-haves for any outdoor stay. Look into doggy daycare and boarding facilities in the area just in case you’d like to see some sights that do not permit four-legged visitors.

What to Bring

Here’s a list of items you will want to be sure to pack no matter where you are staying:

✔ Collar and ID tags
✔ Leash and harness
✔ Crate or safety harness
✔ Vaccination records (airlines/hotels may require them)
✔ Pet first-aid kit
✔ Any needed medications
✔ Food/water bowls (collapsible ones travel well)
✔ Food, water and treats
✔ Litter box or waste bags
✔ Grooming supplies
✔ Favorite blankie and toys
✔ Recent photo & chip info (in case your pet gets lost)
✔ The phone number of a veterinarian or emergency clinic near your destination to keep handy in case of an emergency. The ASPCA Vet Clinic Finder can help you locate one nearby.

Happy trails!

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