Why should Architectural Firms consider selling to an ESOP?

You checked nearly all the boxes: you toiled, you worked, and you’re seeing the next chapter nearing as you prepare to hang your hard hat up for something a bit softer with a wider brim that perhaps Jimmy Buffet would approve of.

But what about your firm? As an owner or partner, you want to be sure that when the time comes to celebrate retirement that you’re not closing the door on all that come afterwards in terms of success for everyone who hasn’t reached that stage with you.

You could go the traditional route, maybe some of your friends in the profession have transitioned their firms and you want to follow that model.  There are other ways, though.  Have you considered looking into an ESOP?

The AIA Trust is here for every stage of your career.  We’ve done the research, so you have all the facts and resources needed to make this big decision when you’re ready to.

A virtual education opportunity all about ESOPs. Watch below to learn from Steven B. Greenapple of Stevens & Lee, and Glenn Birx, FAIA, past chair of AIA Trust and recently retired firm principal at Ayers Saint Gross, on the basics of ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) and why architectural firms should consider them.

Transitioning your firm is a big decision.  Make sure you review our Retirement and Ownership Transition Guide and also read Steven Greenapple’s ESOP article he wrote for AIA members that compliments this webinar.

AIA members who view the webinar and complete the Self-Assessment Test will receive 1.5 LU AIA Continuing Education Credits.

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