Webinar: Managing Professional Exposures as a Small Project Practitioner

Earn 1 HSW Credit

The AIA Trust sponsored a one-hour Webinar on Managing Professional Exposures as a Small Project Practitioner for 1 HSW Credit, conducted by Frank Musica, Assoc. AIA, Esq. of the Risk Management Department of Victor.  Frank offers a wealth of experience in design and management of architecture firms and currently provides advisory and informational services to the many design firms insured through Victor in the CNA design professional liability program.

The exposure of a small firm to claims of negligence in the performance of professional services is close to ten times as high per dollar of billings as it is for large firms—and claims from either clients or third parties can destroy the sustainability of a professional practice. By limiting productivity, damaging a firm’s professional reputation, and jeopardizing the personal assets of a firm’s owners, professional liability claims can challenge the financial viability of a firm. This valuable webinar is intended to educate participants about identifying and managing the professional risks faced by small firms.

You may listen to the recording and review the handout for credit.


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