Winter’s Last Blast

You may be dreaming of spring, but don’t forget the cold, hard facts:  Old Man Winter still has plenty of time to deliver a deadly blizzard or ice storm. It’s important to protect yourself during late-season snowstorms—so follow these tips if you lose power in your home or are stranded in your car.

At Home

  • Replenish dwindling emergency supplies, including food, water, and batteries.
  • Stock plenty of dry logs for your fireplace.
  • If you lose electricity that powers your thermostats and furnace, wear warm clothes and keep extra blankets nearby. NEVER turn on a gas oven to supply heat.
  • Instead of candles, use flashlights and battery-powered lanterns to provide light.

In Your Vehicle

  • Stay inside, but if it’s safe to do so, hang a colored cloth on your antenna or lay flares on the road to indicate distress.
  • Run the heater for 10 minutes every hour with the engine on so you don’t drain your battery.
  • Winter storms can leave you strandedCrack a window for fresh air.
  • Put on extra layers of clothing or wrap yourself in a blanket.
  • Try to stay awake if you’re alone or alternate taking naps with your passengers.
  • If water is unavailable, melt snow before you eat it; otherwise, it will lower your body temperature. Eat available snacks for energy.

It’s important to plan ahead and be sure both your home and your vehicle are ready and stocked with appropriate supplies for any winter emergencies that may occur.


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