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Disability Income Insurance

You may have some disability insurance through your employer. But it may not be enough—especially if your income and living expenses have increased over the years. Apply to boost your disability insurance with AIA Trust’s Disability Income Insurance. 

Available to you at member-only group rates, this coverage can supplement employer coverage (up to 60% of pre-tax income in total) and help you maintain a comparable standard of living when a covered injury or illness prevents you from working. 

With this insurance, you can: 

  • Receive up to $6,000 in monthly benefits 
  • Choose whether to have your benefits payable for up to two years or until age 65 
  • Take the coverage with you if you change jobs or become self-employed 

In addition, monthly benefits may be tax-free if purchased with your own funds (insurance coverage purchased with your own funds is generally not taxable under current tax regulations). Consult your tax advisor for details. 


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