Planning to Travel?

Wondering how to outsmart travel woes? Easy answer: quality insurance coverage. Whether planning the vacation trip of a lifetime or traveling the world for your architectural firm, AIA members can now travel worry-free with two types of coverage at special member rates:

  • Travel Insurance Select for trip interruption and cancellation insurance with emergency services; and,
  • Global Travel Plus offering emergency medical assistance services for year-long travel.

Travel Insurance Select is a travel protection insurance plan that insures your trip at three possible levels of coverage so you can choose the plan that best addresses your needs.  Trip cancellation, trip interruption, 24-hour access to emergency assistance services including emergency medical evacuation and repatriation if needed on your trip—even travel delay expenses are covered for your insured trip.

Global Travel Plus is an annual, renewable plan that covers any medical emergencies or other unexpected events offering emergency resources and high-quality medical care 24/7 anywhere in the world whether traveling for business or pleasure—all year long—whenever you are traveling more than 100 miles away from your home.

Find out how you can stay protected with these AIA Trust plans

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