Financial Planning for Women

This podcast, presented by Equitable in conjunction with the AIA Trust, is designed to help architects, specifically women in the profession, succeed in saving for retirement.

All architects share the need for proper financial and retirement saving planning. For women architects, creating a sound financial and retirement plan is even more essential since issues like increased life expectancy, unforeseen changes in family structure, caring for aging parents, and the likelihood of outliving your spouse all present significant challenges for many female architects. There are some key “rules of the road” that can be used to establish and maintain a sound financial and retirement strategy and, whether male or female, all can benefit from proper planning.

Specifically, the 30-minute podcast presentation will help:

  • Educate yourself. Learn and research everything you can about investments and retirement. While you can rely on a financial professional, the more you know about the various financial vehicles available to you, the better-equipped you are.
  • Plan for a long life. If possible, make the maximum contributions to qualified retirement plans. Sacrifice in other areas, if possible. By making little sacrifices today, you can help plan for the lifestyle you want tomorrow.
  • Get involved.If you aren’t already involved in your own household finances, get involved now. Be aware of your expenditures and manage your income today. Your future is in your hands. It’s time to take charge of your retirement planning.
  • Save aggressively and early – if you can. The more time you give your investments to earn income for you, the more you may be able to accelerate the income potential of your original investment.
  • Develop a retirement strategy and write it down.Consider what life might look like for you in retirement. Then, identify a goal for how much you will need to save each year.

Presented by Stephen Dunbar, Executive Vice President of Equitable Advisors, Georgia Branch, who has been helping individuals and businesses achieve and sustain financial stability since 2010.

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