Self Assessment Tests (SATs)

The AIA Trust offers self assessment tests (SATs) for many of the practice resources found on the website. Successful completion and submission of the tests will result in the learning units (LUs) noted.

Three-Learning-Unit Test

This test for three Learning Units (LUs) is based on the guide, Making The Transition to Running Your Own Firm, a booklet written in conjunction with Victor & CNA to assist design professionals embarking on that path. Since architects encounter risks that can result in serious financial losses, insurance is a means of managing those risks by transferring them to an insurance company. While not all risks are insurable, a new firm must identify, assess, and plan for how its exposure to risk will be handled.  Click here to access the SAT on Making The Transition to Running Your Own Firm.

Two-Learning-Unit Tests

These tests are about various aspects of managing a firm, including employee benefits and personal coverage. Click on any of the links below to download each test and follow the instructions; then, you can self-report your credits.

SATs for AIA Trust Risk Reports

In addition, you may complete the Self-Assessment Tests (SATs) for learning unit credit after reading the corresponding AIA Trust risk report; then follow the instructions to self-report your credit.  Visit the Resources section for webinars, offered both live and on-demand, for additional opportunities to earn credits.