Springtime Safety and Maintenance Tips

Ready for spring? After such a tough winter, we all are. But before we can fully enjoy springtime, we may first need to clean up some of the damage caused by winter. You can prepare for the upcoming season with these spring home maintenance tips.

  • Siding and Roofing—Check your siding and roofing for loose materials, chipped paint, and rot. Look for areas where caulking has weathered away, such as around the chimney. Call a roofing expert when necessary.
  • Deep Cracks—Cracks in sidewalks and driveways can pose tripping hazards. Seal the cracks with concrete or mortar.
  • Standing Water—Drain any areas where water collects and attracts mosquitoes or causes a backup. Be sure to clear drains of debris.
  • Outdoor Home Lighting—If you discover lighting that is not working despite changing light bulbs and checking the fuse box, you may have a short in the line caused by moisture, which will require the expertise of an electrician.
  • Lawn—Once the danger of frost has passed, rake your grass and give it the first fertilization of the season. It will really spruce up your landscape.
  • Flowers—If last year’s flowers are long gone, plant early spring annuals. Or if your flower bed contains perennials, add mulch and fertilizer to encourage the plants to come back to life.
  • Trees—Signs that trees require pruning include crossing, dead, or decayed branches or limbs. Perform simple pruning cuts yourself, but leave climbing trees and more extensive cutting to a certified arborist.

Complete these pre-Spring home and lawn maintenance tasks and your house will be as ready as you are for the pleasant days ahead.

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