Topic: Professional liability

Materials Transparency: Opportunities and Risks

Materials transparency refers to an advocacy movement that promotes requiring manufacturers to fully disclose the material content and chemical makeup of products used in the construction of the built environment. The disclosure is in reference to a pre-determined list of substances that have been identified for potential harmful impacts to human health and the environment.…

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Business Coverage Professional Liability

Digital Practice Risks

The AIA Trust new risk report, “BIM Me Up, Scotty: Navigating Risk in Digital Practice” focuses on how to successfully manage your digital practice risks. While there has not yet been a proliferation of claims, risk management can be preemptive. This report looks at risk assessment and the risk-sensitive areas of the BIM process. A…

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Navigating Risk in Digital Practice

The report, BIM Me Up, Scotty: Navigating Risk in Digital Practice, is your chance to get the inside on preemptive risk management for your digital travels. It is an opportunity to gain insight for managing your practice so that you can put up your deflector shields to guard against incursions from the litigious Borgs that…

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Don’t Neglect Four Important Risk Mitigation Techniques

Any professional practice includes risk. How a firm handles that risk is critical to its profitability, and essential to its viability. According to Victor which manages the AIA Trust-sponsored CNA professional liability insurance program, four techniques are paramount to a firm to pursuing its preferred future.

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A Sustainable Standard Of Care

The “standard of care” is the prevailing benchmark of professional practice in architecture and design and the threshold of protection under professional liability insurance. The design professional’s standard of care is generally based on the performance of others characterized as the “reasonable”, “ordinary”, or “average” design professional, and not on internal or personal capabilities. However,…

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