Small Firm Programs & Resources

The AIA Trust develops tools, resources, and programs designed to help small firms.

  • Small firm owners can learn about free practice resources and special small firm member benefit programs designed for them and their firms by the AIA member Trustees who help to identify, evaluate, and design these small firm programs and resources. Read more.
  • Small Firm Management Tips addresses how the cash-flow problems that small firms often face may risk both business assets and personal exposure – and what you can do to prevent such risks. This list of recommendations may help you to avoid professional liability losses.
  • A 60-minute webinar on Managing Professional Exposures as a Small Project Practitioner helps you to identify and manage the professional risks faced by small firms.
  • Special benefits are offered to small firms in the AIA Trust Professional Liability Insurance Program including $0 deductible options on every small firm program quote, multi-year policies for eligible small accounts, broad coverage for pollution, early resolution credit, and an automatic extended reporting period (ERP). Find out more

The AIA Trust Professional Liability Insurance Program also provides a special premium credit for AIA members of up to 5 percent – which can save the average small firm (with up to $500,000 in billings) up to $500 annually! Find out how your firm can benefit

Be sure to visit our guides on Starting a Firm and Running a Firm for additional practice resources and benefit programs to help you and your small firm.

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