Starting a Firm

Starting your own architecture firm is a challenge, and structuring it to survive is a formidable task. The AIA Trust supports you with insurance and risk management products, tools, and strategies to help you identify, prevent, and control your risk as you start out. Use this guide to get started.

Essential coverage to consider

Operating an architecture firm poses many risks, and transferring that risk through insurance is one way to manage it. Every new firm owner should invest in the essentials. 

While your firm is growing

Offering a strong benefits package to your employees shows that you’re invested in their future. Plus, it will help you attract and retain top talent. For your own protection, you should also consider additional benefits and coverage.

Planning now & for the future

Taking on a new venture is risky, so planning for how you’ll manage those risks is vital. These products can help you manage risks effectively and build your success and profitability.