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Firm Management Strategies

The AIA Trust recently published a paper titled “Firm Management Strategies” based on interviews with various sized firms from around the country about how they have managed through various catastrophes and endured—often emerging stronger than before. The paper examines some of the similarities and differences between managing a firm during the Great Recession that began…

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BOP’in Along in the New Economy

Those in the architecture community often equate risk with professional liability. Because of state licensing laws and the general legal treatment of professionals, liability in the performance of professional services is a significant risk. When failure to meet the standard of care for professional services harms a project stakeholder or results in injury to the…

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Choosing the Right Retirement Plan for Your Firm

Most architectural firm owners and managers must address critical priorities in addition to the business of architecture. These include managing taxes, attracting and rewarding valued employees, and establishing a long-term strategy to ensure their own financial security. Fortunately, as a firm owner, you have an option that could help to address all those goals: sponsoring…

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We Want Your Input!

To guide the development of future AIA Trust risk management-related member benefits and resources, AIA members are invited to complete a quick survey. As the premier risk management resource for AIA members and their firms, the AIA Trust is now strategically exploring how we continue to offer AIA members valuable practice resources and member benefit…

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Traveling with Your Pets

Summer is here and nothing helps to shake off winter’s icy chill like a relaxing weekend away with your favorite furry friend! Taking your pet on a trip can be an unforgettable experience. Road Travel Before hitting the road, have your dog burn off some energy with a brisk walk around the block or a…

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Safety & Other

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Hurricanes are unwelcome anywhere, but it’s crucial to prepare for the worst before a storm is threatening your region. Early preparedness is the best way to get peace of mind and avoid major headaches following a storm—not to mention keeping you, your family, and your property safe and secure during a hurricane. The most important…

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Professional Liability

Do You Know?

Do you know that when you design a building, you automatically own the copyright to not only your drawings and plans, but you also have a copyright to the design as well?     When you design a building, the copyright belongs to the person or persons who created the plans or design. Some project…

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Component Programs & Special Incentives

AIA Trust Component Grant Awards

The standard of component program funding requests submitted for the AIA Trust Component Grant Program was exceptionally high last year. The grants program is made possible by Victor and CNA, the providers of the AIA Trust Professional Liability Insurance, Business Owners, and Cyber Liability Insurance programs. Victor and CNA work with the AIA Trust to…

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Business Coverage

Tips for Launching a Successful New Practice

Architects describe the most important things they learned when beginning their firms, including where they got help. Starting your own firm is a challenge; structuring it to survive is a formidable task. If you’re considering developing your own practice, you likely have a wealth of experience and a drive toward entrepreneurship. What you’ll need to…

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Term Life Insurance Solutions

Most people envision fantastic futures for themselves and their families. And whether you’re sending children to college, purchasing a new home, or starting a business, your income is the engine that turns your aspirations into reality. But what if you were to die? How would this affect your family’s plans? Life insurance has proven to…

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